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Your Positive Parenting 101 On-site Registration


See Class Dates Listed Below! 

There are no current dates available for on-site class. Please click on the Online Registrations to complete the course online.

Positive Parenting 101 On-site Registration Classes will be held at:  6216 S. Lewis Ave Suite 106 Tulsa OK   Also please be certain to enter a valid phone number on your registration form because you will be notified if the location were to change or the class is rescheduled due to weather.

Due to requirements, attendees need to arrive 10 minutes prior to classtime. Late arrivals will not be admitted (no exceptions will be made). You will receive your certicate at the end of the session. Also you may bring drinks as long as they have lids. CHILDREN ARE NOT ALLOWED ON SITE. $10 Fee to reschedule your session or re-print your certificate. Be certain to enter your name as you want it to appear on your certificate.

Also because Defendants with Protective Orders may NOT attend the same session, please make note on your enrollment if a protective order is in place. Consequently, please note the names associated with your protective order underneath the class time you choose.

Also you can choose to complete the sessions online by clicking on the online tab. You will print the certificate directly from this site upon completion.

In addition, for on-site registration you MUST choose a class date from the list below and enter it in your form:



Contact us

Email: positiveparentingindivorce@gmail.com

Phone: 539-664-6264

Location: 6216 S. Lewis Ave Suite 106 Tulsa OK 74136

Therefore if you enroll in Positive Parenting 101 on-site registration be certain to enter a date that you would like to attend class in order to reserve your seat. In addition, be certain to enter a current phone number.

Furthermore, many people choose to attend online. Therefore, we will reschedule the class date if by chance there are not enough enrollees who choose to attend in person at the on-site class.

Choose to attend online and your certificate will print directly from this site.

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Finally be sure to print your name exactly as you would like it on your certificate. Furthermore you will bring your printed certificate to court with you. In addition, since every court is different, we have included a letter to the courts you can print and bring with you. Almost all courts are looking for the same basic components therefore you should not have any problems!


In conclusion and most of all take your time and enjoy the course!