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Positive Parenting in Divorce is a course created for parents who have been court ordered to take a Divorce Impact Educational Program as part of a divorce, custody, paternity, or visitation requirement.

The 4-hour course is taught by a Licensed Professional Counselor and meets the criteria required by Title 43, Section 101 of Oklahoma Statutes which includes the 6 themes to fulfill the requirements of the law and be accepted by the court.

Positive Parenting in Divorce includes the following topics:
1) Short-term and longitudinal effects of divorce on children

2) Explore what to do if you are thinking about Reconciling, explores Long-distance parenting, and parents who were never married

3) The effects of family violence and how to handle it

4) Potential child behaviors and emotional states during and after divorce including information on how to respond to the child’s needs

5) Communication strategies to reduce conflict and facilitate cooperative co-parenting

6) Resources to address issues of substance abuse or other addictions, family violence, behavioral health, individual and couples counseling, and financial planning.

7) Discover the 5 Gifts your child needs from you during the divorce
8) Ways to talk peacefully-even with people who are driving you nuts!
9) Coping with financial stress during the divorce
10) How our basic human needs drive our behavior and our decisions
11) Creative ways to resolve conflict and bring peace to your home
12) Discover ways to be sensitive to Developmental stages in children during divorce and the possible effects of divorce on children

13) Choosing a Visitation Schedule and talking to your children about divorce
14) Recognizing when your child needs help and access to additional resources for substance abuse, financial planning, suicide prevention, depression and counseling.

Upon completion of the course, Clients will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Please feel free to visit our website for more information www.positiveparenting101.com

You may also email us at positiveparentingindivorce@gmail.com or call 539-664-6264