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Why Choose Positive Parenting 101?

Court Ordered Divorce Parenting Classes

—Quickly print your Certificate of Completion once you finish!
—We provide GUARANTEED Court Acceptance or Your Money Back!*
—Our court ordered divorce parenting classes are taught by a Licensed Professional Counselor and the program meets state curriculum guidelines! 
—Curriculum is Fun and Interactive—No Boring Lectures that Put You to Sleep!
—Our Program is Skill-based so you will learn creative ways to cope with children and divorce instead of just hearing a long list of do’s and don’ts.
— In addition, you may log in and out as needed if you get busy!

Positive Parenting in Divorce: What will you learn?

• Discover the 5 Gifts your child needs from you during the divorce
• Explore ways to talk peacefully-even with people who are driving you nuts!
• Learn to cope with financial stress
• Reveals how our basic human needs drive our behavior and our decisions
• Creative ways to resolve conflict and bring peace to your home
• Discover ways to be sensitive to Developmental stages in children during divorce and the effects of divorce on children.

• Explore what to do if you are thinking about Reconciling, are Long-distance parenting, or are parents who were never married
• You will learn the effects of family violence and how to handle it
• Choosing a Visitation Schedule and talking to your children about divorce
• In addition, you will learn to recognize when your child needs help and access to additional resources for substance abuse, financial planning, suicide prevention, depression and counseling

In addition, we offer a money back Guarantee if for any reason your Online Certificate is not accepted by the court in your case however you should have no problem! Furthermore you may read more information about Oklahoma Law guidelines by reading this Summary.

In conclusion, our court ordered divorce parenting classes are convenient, educational, and most of all will help you to be the best parent possible during this difficult time in your child’s life!

Also, if you need Individual Counseling you may click below:

(*Just provide written proof the courts did not accept your enrollment and your entire fee will be refunded.)

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In addition we offer court ordered divorce parenting classes, marriage classes, domestic violence classes, and classes for teenagers too!
Finally you may know a friend who may also benefit from another course due to a life challenge they are facing!
Furthermore we also provide either individual or group counseling which is especially relevent while you are facing a divorce or as a result of a family crisis.
Most of all as you going through this challenging time you will probably need support and can reach out to a variety of divorce support groups.
In addition you are probably facing many life changing decisions. Consequently it is important to surround yourself with people who will help you make wise choices and also are available to listen.  Most of all it is critical you do not vent to your child while you go through this time.
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